Monday, February 16, 2009

ABOUT ME (1st time experience blogging)

Some people said that blog is **** , some other people said that blog are full of controversies...... but MAJIORITY says that BLOGGERS are rocking damn cool!! My opinion??? Dunno... still young in this blogging world... NAME of mine - MUHAMMAD SYAHMI bin MAHAMUD SAYUTI. Born on 12 MARCH 1991 a.k.a 18 years old on 2009, born at JB.. . My kawan skola rendah at ACS SITIAWAN, seems 2 call me syami, but yg kuat merepek 2, dulu2 ade yg panggel chamytoo (dah lame giler x dgr name 2).. But when i enter my skola menengah which is at IPOH.. they used to call me BO... don't ask me why they call me that.. ask them laa!!! Now staying at SERI MANJUNG. If u all dunno where's Manjung, probabbly u'll know Lumut, coz.. Manjung is like LUMUT's adjacent (perkataan yg selalu gune dlm bio) neighbour, sebelah2 ajer....The most important thing is... This person is very lucky to have such a fantastic family, not so big and not so small.. juzz sedang2.. sorang abang, sorang kakak and me.... There's still many other things to type.. but ye lorr, still not used to write at this blog.. anyway... to other people who dah lame ngan all this blogging stuff.. do advise me from time 2 time k!!! I also wanna improve macam orang laen...kan3???? especialy ENGLISH la.. sbb 2 asyik gune ayat ENGLISH jer.. kononnyer nk improve, haha.. anyway... after typing all about me stuff... i feel like... NTAH!!! dont mind, my next story.. i'm sure it's gonna be supermassive!!!


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