Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lamenyer x tulis blog.. New life begins...

My life as a college student begins on 1st July 2009. I registered as a College Mara Seremban student, daa!! The life begins with orientation week for 4 days. I was grouped in group 3 lead by Hijaz, some called him' Kepale Hot??' yeah right.. The members are Epul, Arif, Din,Anas, Bel, Farah n others... Lots of activity we've been through such as 'talk', treasure hunt and others. As for the closing ceremony of our orientation week, each group had to perform a play related to fairy tales. As for my team, we did a play which is about 3 princess which is Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White who tries to win the heart of Prince Charming whose interested in Bawang Merah... Simple but nice story, plus i had been given the opportunity to play the main actor, which is the main actor.. Tq for trusting me, although our team did'nt win.. Sorry if i'd failed you guys...

End of orientation week means the the beginning of my college life. At this stage, teachers exposed us what A-level is all about, the syllabus, and here and there an so on. I was placed in class 10.3, which I was really satisfied in this class. My classmates are rocking cool, suits my style. They are Shahir, Azim, Apiz, Kamal, Kor, Zharif, Raja, Afiq, Azam, Fadhil, Fahmi, Aima, Nad, Nabila and Ayuni. Hope that they can accept me the way I am.

Then, I tried my luck becoming the participant of student's representative council (SRC) or in other word majlis perwakilan pelajar (mpp) juzz testing my luck. Actually, at that time, i don't even now what SRC or MPP is.. haha.. but is sounds fun.. I managed to go through all of the stages until the final stage which is the manifesto night, where i feared most.. That was my first time talking in front of crowd.. Knees are shaking like my nokia handphone.. Just forget about it... After that was the election day, where most of the students went voting. Just as i told ealier, i don't really mind, wether selected or not..

It seems that luck was on myside where i was selected to become the new SRC, altough my vote was quite little.. hehe.. By the way, tq for the voters who vote me...Hope that I won't dissapoint you guys. Do support-support ok!!! That's it till now..

Wah lame giler x tulis blog.... Saje nk try tulis dlm english.. ntah merepek2 jer grammar.. haha!!