Sunday, September 26, 2010

1 malaysia!

last friday 24th sept, i went to 1 Malaysia concert at MPS field.. it started out with rumah terbuke on that field, there was about 30 stalls at that time, and yes, all of them are free.. Around 9 p.m, the concert begin! My main objective to go there is just to watch STACY.. She sang a sarawak song, ape ntah, x pham pun.. and her latest single, JAHAT..Haha, her performance are SMASHING, beyond my expectation, very energetic! too bad she only sing 2 songs. Beside her, there was M nasir with metera semerah padi and raikan cinta, jamal abdillah witi gadis melaysia and azura, and shahir af8, lagu embun pun x kan mampu, ape ntah tajuk die.. The concert was hosted by ebi yus, sathiya, and angeline tan..the really did a great job,Its a good experience being there, dah x dpt pegi mtv world stage, konsert 1 malaysia pun jadi la.. Too bad that i didn't bring camera along as it was raining at that time.. but i did snap some photo with my hp, and videos as well.. whatever it is, the night was awesome!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

part of the lemon tree verse says that, 'Isolation is not good for me... Isolation I don't want to sit on the lemon-tree' that is what's happening to me every weekend.. being in a lonely town where u have limited kind of stuff to do.. i've been wondering what does the lyric from the Fool's Garden song actually mean since i was in form 2.. i think it doesn't matter at this age where i'm having more important task to accomplish.. THE A LEVELS.. i always think that being isolated in my room during weekend is the best option for me to start my revision, plus i need to repeat one of the paper, chemistry and yes, it really bothers me, lately.. But what happen is that the more my intention to open the book, the more i intend to avoid them.. haha.. hope that this habit will fade away as soon as possible..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya!!

What do u call a blogger who doesn't have any laptops, internet connection, camera to post his blog.. i call him Muhammad Syahmi bin Mahamud Sayuti. I'd left my blog for 6 months and that might make other people think that I'd already quit blogging. NO silly!! Opportunity to post blog only comes whenever i'm back at my hometown, Seri Manjung, and yes... I'm home at last.. my last post was KYUEM rugby tournament where i met someone really special related to "ice".. haha..!! I was claiming my medal but the anak toke elektrik tought that i was begging ice.. oops.. to many clues already.. (crappy talk after left blogging for 6 month)

actually i was gonna talk about my raya celebration 2010.. I started my raya saga at my kakak's appartment where we gathered there. My dad was making a survey about when is the best timing for us to drive back to Johor Bahru, my mum's kampung. Blink.. blink.. and yes.. I arrived Johor Bahru Majidee, the next day, one day before raya.. My raya celebration is like a routine for every years.. It starts with RAYA Breakfast, eating the ketupat, rendang and all those makanan raya, then the whole family tree went for Aidilfitri prayers.. "choose u're own sequnce connector (
CUOSC)" was the time for bermaaf-maafan and duit raya giving ceremony.. CUOSC, is photoshoot time!!! Snap here and there... Faking candid.., which means pretending to be candid.. haha.. so funny watching them PREPARING to be pose candid picture.. Candid nowadays are no longer candid at all.. As the photoshot session ends, my family took me for beraya.... The only thing that makes this raya different than other raya is, my brother will take every single opportunity/free time to play PES2010 (PS2 only) with me.. haha, yeah, medic student have soo itsy-bitsy-shorty holiday, he starts his class on raya the 4th.. pendeknyer cuti!!

I stayed at Johor until 3rd raye, then we rushed back for beraye at Penang, my Dad's kampung.. Being in penang REALLY feels like being at kampung compared to being in JB... Raya at JB was like kampung dalam bandar, while at penang, sungai 2,I really felt like balik kampung juzz like what Allahyarham Sudirman said.. ANd for this raya at penang, was like past years raya, wand what makes it different than my previous raya at penang was that, my family, my grandpa which i call him WAN, my aunts, uncles, cousins except my grandma went to one of Pulau Pinang famous restaurant known as Nasi Kanaq Beratuq.. hell yeah.. it really mean it.. u really need to "beratuq" for a very2 long queue to get a plate of nasi kandar.. it starts at 10.00p.m. we reached there at about 9.45p.m. i thought that i was early. Hell no!! There was already about 30-40 hungry men/women already in front of me.. haha, the food was not the only thing they are selling.. They are actually selling patience(sabar) <--am i spelling it right?? If MTV boiling points came there, i'm sure they'll gonna lose hundreds of bucks.yeah.. Malaysian citizens are damn patient!! especially when it involves food.. haha 1 MALAYSIA katakan.. politik cket.. and yeah.. Thats all bout my raya.. Bersederhana sahaja.. Gosh, i really miss typing!!!! It's good to be back with my blog.. sorry coz i left u for quite a long time.. haha.. touching dgn blog nie.. Last but not least, i would like to take this opportunity to wish "SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN DARI HUJUNG RAMBUT KE HUJUNG KAKI, DARI JOHOR BAHRU KE PENANG, DARI KMS KE MANJUNG dan DARI FORWARD ke BACKLINE ( buat lawak bodoh ragbi pulak.....) Do visit and beraye with me in Seremban ok!! Dont ring my hometown doorbell and call me k!! Come to my college than u can ring the bell.. Don't worry.. Puasa 6 susah sekali.. BUt will try !!!


(Muhammad Syahmi Bin Mahamud Sayuti)