Sunday, September 26, 2010

1 malaysia!

last friday 24th sept, i went to 1 Malaysia concert at MPS field.. it started out with rumah terbuke on that field, there was about 30 stalls at that time, and yes, all of them are free.. Around 9 p.m, the concert begin! My main objective to go there is just to watch STACY.. She sang a sarawak song, ape ntah, x pham pun.. and her latest single, JAHAT..Haha, her performance are SMASHING, beyond my expectation, very energetic! too bad she only sing 2 songs. Beside her, there was M nasir with metera semerah padi and raikan cinta, jamal abdillah witi gadis melaysia and azura, and shahir af8, lagu embun pun x kan mampu, ape ntah tajuk die.. The concert was hosted by ebi yus, sathiya, and angeline tan..the really did a great job,Its a good experience being there, dah x dpt pegi mtv world stage, konsert 1 malaysia pun jadi la.. Too bad that i didn't bring camera along as it was raining at that time.. but i did snap some photo with my hp, and videos as well.. whatever it is, the night was awesome!

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